Wednesday, April 18, 2012

book talk: style parisian

So, what with our trip coming up soon, I've been mildly totally obsessed with planning (and of course, packing)! My mom lent me this book to help me with inspiration:

It has been so much fun to flip through, and I feel as if I've gleaned so much wisdom from Ines (yes, we're on a first-name basis now). Since it's been in my possession I've been trying to gather/buy/find The Magnificent Seven pieces Ines lists in the book for my travel wardrobe:

1. A Man’s Blazer
2. The Trench
3. The Navy (cashmere) Sweater
4. The Tank
5. The Little Black Dress
6. The Perfect Jeans
7. The Leather Jacket

 So far, I've got the Trench, the Tank, and the Blazer (of sorts).

Still on the lookout for the Navy Sweater, and I'm perpetually on the quest for the Perfect Jeans.

Also, I'm on the hunt for basically this entire outfit! I love the dress/sweater combo...but that BAG. I'm determined to find a cross-body-strap-with-handle camel-colored satchel (for, of course, a budget-friendly price!). Think it can't be done? Challenge accepted.

Told you I was obsessed.


Miss Bibliophile said...

Oh wow, that would be my dream closet- only 10 or so classic items that I love. But somehow random cheap, trendy items keep jumping off the Target rack and into my shopping cart....

nic said...

Oh, I can SO relate, Miss B!! If I could just add up the 3 and 4 dollar purchases, I might actually save up for something made out of cashmere, eventually...sigh. Instant gratification wins most of the time!

Jess said...

adorable! I pinned that dress outfit, love every bit of it. good luck finding that bag, I know I can count on you to share the details when you hunt it down. can't believe you're going to Paris - what fun!

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