Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spain and France or bust!!

Friends, I am bursting with excitement--we're going to Europe in May!!! I mentioned this in a passing gratitude the other day, but I wanted to fill you in on the whole, lovely story.

As you know, I turned the big 3-0 this year, and was wracking my brains on how to celebrate. Well, on the day of my birthday, I had to drive four and a half hours back from a conference (meh). Once I got home, however, I was ready to settle in for an evening of birthday bliss.

My mom had dropped off dinner and goodies...

...and Jake cleaned and heated up dinner while I sipped champagne (and frantically finished a last-minute project for work!) 

After dinner: birthday cheese, more champagne and gifts! Jake got me Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris and surprised me with a proposal...

...let's go! (and of course, I said "yes")

We will be leaving in May, after my semester ends and Jake's thesis and the undergraduate class he's teaching wrap up. We're planning to visit Madrid, Granada, Tarifa, Tangier, Seville, Barcelona, Provence and--of course--Paris. I'm over the moon! Any suggestions for us??


Jess said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am so so happy for you (as well as insanely jealous, but that'll have to be put aside). Happy Birthday to you, indeed! Love the goodies your mom dropped off, what a sweetie. 30 looks good on you, cannot WAIT to hear all about your adventures!

nic said...

YAY! Thanks, Jess:) I totally loved my Mom's "care package" too. I hope when I'm a mom I can be half as awesome as she is!

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