Friday, February 3, 2012

birthday treats~cheese

As I contemplate how to celebrate my looming birthday, I can't not think about what I'd like to eat. I'm just so in love with food, you see, that I think about it all the time. Like a lover. It really is one of my greatest pleasures in how could I possibly celebrate without carefully considering what to nosh on?

I couldn't.

And one of my favorite foods in the. whole. wide. world. is cheese.

Michigan cheese

For my birthday, I would love to stick a candle in a wedge, like Jo's hubs did for her. What a jaunty little substitute for birthday cake!

I would absolutely want my birthday cheese to be chosen for me by Madame Fromage. She has the best, um, taste in cheese, and her blog always makes my mouth water. Plus, she is a fellow writing prof (I saw her food-writing presentation at the Conference on College Composition and Communication last year), so, solidarity. PLUS, how could you not immediately love and trust a woman who has designed a Downton Abbey-themed cheese board??

The answer is you must absolutely love and trust her. Obviously.

But, I don't have to go across the pond to get scrumptious cheese! I would love to savor some of my favorite Mitten-made favorites, like the peppery Bridgewater or the Great Lakes Cheshire from Zingerman's Creamery, or a creamy, velvety Raclette from Leelanau Cheese.

Of course, this does not in any way preclude enjoying chocolate or cake as well. Just so we're clear.


What about you? What is your favorite treat (birthday or otherwise)? Do tell.

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