Thursday, February 2, 2012

how does one celebrate a birthday?

“Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons.”

― Ruth Ann Schabacker

Ok, gang. It's officially February. And I don't mind tellin' ya that it's my birthday this month...a particularly painful one, at that.

(deep breath) I'm turning thirty.

Now, I've always loved my birth-month. Celebrating my birthday so close to Valentine's Day has meant lots of chocolate, flowers and pink surrounds me each year--and I love it! I usually know exactly how I want to celebrate. Last year, it was champagne and pizza with Jake on the day, and then a special date to see the Merce Cunningham performance at the Power Center.

This year, everyone keeps asking me what I want to do. And I have no idea. It feels momentous, important, to be acknowledging this milestone. I'm not quite sure exactly how I'll decide to commemorate it, but I was hoping you all wouldn't mind if I used this space (the blog) to work through some ideas. I may actually end up celebrating in July...or maybe I'll just spread it out over the whole month of Feb. Either way, wish me well as I muse on all things celebratory!

Also, I could really use your help. You guys are all smart and classy and have great taste. Any ideas for fabulous (and budget-friendly~we're on teachers' salaries here!) ways to fete? Do tell!

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